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Acourate bei Archimago's Blog

Beitragvon totti1965 » 28.04.2016, 10:17 ... ction.html

vom November 2015 ... ziemlich begeistertes Fazit:

In summary ... While I certainly do not expect digital room correction to convert a poor speaker/source system or terrible room acoustics into "high-fidelity" sound, it will fine tune what you have in the space you listen in. One can spend countless hours trying out different speakers, amps, DACs, this-and-that tweaks, etc. to find the "right" combination. Or you could just buy objectively accurate equipment and invest some time and money and learn to harness the power of software like Acourate to achieve the kind of sound you want. In my opinion, as the MasterCard commercial suggests this is the priceless option. Strongly recommended for serious listeners desiring demonstrably higher fidelity.


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