Bob Katz unterstützt Acourate

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Bob Katz unterstützt Acourate

Beitragvon modmix » 24.05.2013, 00:42

Vielleicht trage ich ja Eulen nach Athen mit dem Hinweis, daß nicht nur wir, sondern auch Bob Katz weiß, was er an Acourate und Uli Brüggemann hat: AudioVero - Anwender-Referenzen - Bob Katz

Bob Katz hat geschrieben:This is my enthusiastic recommendation for AudioVero's Acourate Digital Room and loudspeaker correction system (abbreviated "DRC" for Digital Room Correction). Up until recently I have been thoroughly disappointed in the sound quality of purported DRC systems. I concluded that no correction was better than the sonic results of an inferior DRC system. Up until a few years ago, none of them met their promise. Among the symptoms: Loss of transparency. Overcorrection (over equalization). Transient response degradation. Loss of headroom (maximum SPL without distortion). Fuzzy and inexact imaging. I can go on, but the bottom line is I was disappointed.

Then I discovered AudioVero's Acourate. Acourate is the first DRC that I can thoroughly recommend. The resulting sound is unquestionably equal or superior to the uncorrected loudspeaker in all respects: Transparency is equal, there is no perceived loss with Acourate. It is truly an audiophile-quality system that even die-hard audiophiles and analogphiles need not be afraid of. Everything else about Acourate makes the corrected loudspeaker sound superior: Stereo imaging and soundstage are more exact and the sweet spot in the center is effectively widened. Tonality is greatly improved and the frequency response extends perceptually flat from 20 to 20 kHz. Transient impact is superior and there is no loss of headroom and no perceived noise, when the gain staging is done correctly. Some of the technical reasons for Acourate's superiority: 64-bit calculation throughout, properly dithered to 24-bits at the end of the chain; no degrading ASRC circuit, the sample rate that goes out is the same as what comes in. No overcorrection, a unique breakthrough in psychoacoustic analysis beats any previous third- or sixth- octave techniques for estimation of the audible effect of the room and loudspeaker combination, and a variable calculation window ensures accurate frequency response. For the first time with any correction system, I felt no need to change or tweak any filters or add any filters to the circuit. Superior target design, this is the most ergonomic part of the program and allowed me to zero in on the ideal high frequency rolloff for my system in a very short time. I haven't found need to change the target since the first day I designed it. Superior impulse response and phase response. Superior crossover implementation, linear phase and with the most accurate curve. Basically, they do everything right and I've only scratched the surface in this description of its superior abilities. Superior to any other DRC I have used or tested.

Of course I have a few remarks: 1) Be aware about latency! The system introduces latency (there is no free lunch), which precludes its ability in real-time recording setups. In video setups, it's usually possible to delay the video to match the audio latency. And pure audio listening is not a problem at all. 2) Ergonomics. Currently the ergonomics of setting up and implementing Acourate are less than ideal. But the developer, the fabulous Dr. Uli Brueggemann, will lead you through the setup and operation until your system performs exactly as I describe: The best it can possibly sound! I expect that as time goes on, the ergonomics and instructions will improve, but I wait patiently, because it's better to have a great-sounding system than one which is easy to set up but doesn't sound good! 3) Surround. The system is optimized for correcting stereo and surround is a bit challenging to set up in the current version.

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Acourate unterstützt Bob Katz

Beitragvon Daihedz » 13.03.2014, 08:26

modmix hat geschrieben:Vielleicht trage ich ja Eulen nach Athen mit dem Hinweis, daß nicht nur wir, sondern auch Bob Katz weiß, was er an Acourate und Uli Brüggemann hat: AudioVero - Anwender-Referenzen - Bob Katz

Hallo Ulli

Beim Stöbern in alten Threads ist mir an der Überschrift Deiner Meldung etwas ganz wesentliches aufgefallen: Die Überschrift ist INVERTIERT! So ...

"Acourate unterstützt Bob Katz"

... tönt's doch viel besser. Wenigstens für mich. :D

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Beitragvon Hans-Martin » 13.03.2014, 22:28


Hmmm... ja, würde ich zustimmen.
dass ich da nicht selbst drauf gekommen bin... :cheers:

Grüße Hans-Martin
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