DSD 512 May Fest in Munich at BMW Welt, May 6th

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DSD 512 May Fest in Munich at BMW Welt, May 6th

Beitragvon EuroDriver » 27.04.2016, 09:59

Hallo Forum Friends !

At last year's Munich High End, we had a room which Michael Lavorgna like very much.

Eleven months later, a team of developers have created the Sound Galleries Music Server (SGM 2015) which has been designed and optimized to do real time conversion of Redbook, PCM Hi Rez, and DSD 64 all to DSD 512. This time last year we were only doing real time conversion of PCM to DSD 128 !

The arrival of the T+A DAC 8 DSD converter with its separate 1-bit converter which is capable of receiving DSD 512 has, in our opinion, changed the digital sound quality landscape, and demonstrates the sonic quality which is possible with CPU intensive real time format conversion to a new unheard of level.
Sound Galleries, Monaco is putting on a launch event, DSD 512 May Fest in Munich, on Friday May 6 th at BMW Welt to demonstrate the SGM 2015 to the Audiophile press and industry friends and contacts. The public audition time is from 2 pm till 6 pm. After this time is a ticketed event for press and industry.

We are confident that visitors to BMW Welt will surprised by the sound quality of converted Redbook converted to DSD 512, and enchanted by the sound of up sampled DSD64 and 128 played as a DSD 512 stream over USB to the T+A DAC 8 DSD or PDP-3000HV

The Sound Galleries Music Server weighs about 25 Kgs, and has custom power supplies and improved motherboard clocking to achieve very low RF noise levels and precise timing from a workstation class computing platform. The software is Roon for the user interface and HQP Player for the realtime format conversion. The speakers which we are using are the award winning Vivid Audio Giya G1

The event is on Ebene 1 in Tagesraum 1. Got the stairs opposite Cooper S bar, and go up to Ebene 1.
Walk to the end, turn right, and then left to enter Tagesraum 1

Look forward to meeting forum members

Best Edward
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Beitragvon tsaett » 11.05.2016, 13:27

Hier gibts eine kurze Zusammenfassung von mir, danke nochmal Edward, mein Highlight in München!

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