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PureMusic 3.0 ist raus

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passend zum OSX-Update hier der Link zum Download der neuen PureMusic Version,
dazu die ReleaseNotes, teste gleich noch unter 10.10, für Erfahrungen und Kommentare bitte hier posten.
Lizenzcodes der letzten Version funktionieren!


• Corrected issue where grace period wasn’t granted for a demo using an old version license code
• Corrected issue causing generic user information to be displayed in splash window
• Correcttion to memory allocator causing an insufficient memory alert to be thrown on certain com- puters that had enough physical RAM
A message for our DSD Power Users: missing from this release is the long awaited Gapless DSD support. It unfortunately was pulled (again) due to a performance related issue detected at the last minute. The decision was made to freeze the code at this stage rather than delay releasing the other beneficial improvements found in Pure Music 3. However, we pledge to have Gapless DSD imple- mented in a free dot update to be released within two weeks. In the meantime, we hope you will enjoy the many other improvements in Pure Music 3. Thank you for your patience.
• Extensively redesigned and rewritten iTunes interaction code with extensive optimizations “under the hood,” leading to snappier response and greatly improved performance
• In response to Apple’s addressing (in iTunes and later) of the CPU blocking bug intro- duced in iTunes 12.0 for the Column Browser view, we’ve eliminated work-arounds introduced in Pure Music 2.0.3 / 2.0.4 devised for iTunes 12 which produced undesirable side effects. This also has resulted in substantial performance improvements in Pure Music for all iTunes versions
• Reveals (after several seconds) the currently playing track (default behavior in Pure Music 2.0.2 and all earlier versions); this is now a new option provided in the Preferences, and is disabled by default. If enabled, in iTunes 12 we call Reveal (the “Go To Current Song” function, command-L in iTunes) at a non-critical time. This is special cased for iTunes 11.4 and earlier to perform the Reveal more quickly. This will still deliver good performance with prior versions of iTunes 12, or in the unlikely event a future version of iTunes regresses back to the beachballing bug. If you are running iTunes 12, we stongly recommend updating to iTunes (or later, should a newer update be released)
• No longer jumps to the previously played track in iTunes after launching Pure Music
• Addressed the “the first track selected after launch wasn’t played” issue
• Corrected an issue which could cause Pure Music to become unresponsive after playing tracks for awhile (confirmed fixed by testing in continuous Shuffle or linear play for several days at a time)
• Addressed track skipping issues
• Added “Save” button to the Audio Setup window’s Audio Plug-Ins tab to save a plug-in’s settings and window position, because some plug-in UIs were hiding the Save button
• Added menu options to the Music Server menu to Hide All, Show All, or Save All audio plug-in set- tings and window positions
• Restores Upsampling setting when playing PCM after playing a native DSD track
• Restored functionality to play/pause button in Less is More mode
• Improved memory optimization in Mavericks / Yosemite / El Capitan OS
• Improvements to setting track played count and last played
• Enabled automatic switching to Streamthrough for Home Sharing music
Pure Music 3 User Guide (Release 3.0) 41
• Display an alert if the ouput was muted by the user
• Fixed issue in which the first track played did not scrub the playhead correctly in iTunes if the track was a DSD track played as PCM
• Display an alert if insufficient memory is available for playing high-resolution audio files (higher than 16 bit 44.1 kHz)
• New automatic performance optimization to disable iTunes Scrubbing if track position scrubbing is not performed by the user for a user-settable interval (15 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 8 hours or Never) leading to improved overall performance. Displays floating alert window when this is acti- vated
• Updated open source FLAC library to latest 1.3.1 November 2014 version (provides faster track loading and bug fixes)
• Via a modification of the Bookmark feature, Memory Play playback now supports FLAC tracks containing more than about 2 GB of decompressed audio (previously limited to about 30 minutes at 192/24, 60 minutes at 96/24, and so on)
• Memory Play playback now supports iTunes-compatible track formats for tracks which in previous versions of Pure Music were larger than could fit into RAM (necessitating disabling Memory Play to play such tracks). Previously, attempting to play such tracks would cause an Unexpected Quit
• New mechanism for locating Bookmarked music files in the event the link to Bookmark is broken by an incorrect iTunes preferences setting
• Improvements to prevent stalling of playhead (track play position indicator)
• Corrected issue where changing the volume with the Jog control didn’t correspondingly update the iTunes volume control
• Converted to flat installer format for Streamthrough for OS 10.10.3 and later, now will install Streamthrough without needing the stand alone Streamthrough installer
• Corrected issue where the bookmark creation operation would fail with a disk not writeable mes- sage if the source tracks were in folders or a file path with escaped / multi-byte characters
• When the LINK button is not engaged, will remember the position of the Pure Music window across launches
• Shows Hybrid track loading progress for all PCM track formats (previously only FLAC format)
• Displays media reading throughput in MB/s during memory load
• Improved Reset Window Positions command (moves control window to top left of main screen and sets transparency level to opaque, then resets Handshake)
• Option to tile the controller window instead of overlapping with iTunes window
• Streamlined and faster startup, especially for native DSD devices, and ability to commence play- back as soon as the Pure Music window appears
• Automatically reduces CPU footprint when iTunes is not the front-most (“focus”) application
• Cosmetic improvements during startup and quitting
• Numerous improvements to automatic switching to Streamthrough (and back) for iTunes-hosted content
• Fixed an issue with FLAC playback in OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) that silenced the output, and an issue with the audio file converter in OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) that prevented FLAC file conversion from working properly. The issue was (painstakingly) traced to a change in the behavior of a cer-
Pure Music 3 User Guide (Release 3.0) 42
tain Apple API in El Capitan
• Separate window for setting Streamthrough options, instead of crowding options into Audio Setup window
• Option to check for Shuffle play (off by default), which will improve performance if iTunes Shuffle mode is used (although Pure Music will use work-arounds if this option is not enabled). Activating this option requires allowing Pure Music access to System UI Preferences in the System Pref- erences control panel (Security and Privacy panel, Accessibility pane, Privacy tab). (With iTunes 11 and later, there is no way to determine if Shuffle is enabled in iTunes other than by using System UI Events)
• Fixed regression bug of not saving dither word length (it would be very unusual anyway to need to change this from 24 bit; and even MORE unusual to set 32 bit, even if you have a “32 bit” DAC; and should not be changed from 24 bit if the stream reported in Audio MIDI Setup is “32 bit,” be- cause that only represents a 32 bit float holding 24 bit audio: 24 bit is the correct setting)
• Resolved issues regarding the left side of the iTunes window being positioned off the left of the screen, or too close to the top to accommodate the Pure Music window (would cause Pure Music window not to be displayed)
• Fixed an issue with the FLAC file converter for input files with an odd (as opposed to even) number of samples. This caused the last sample in the output file to be corrupted
• Fixed an issue where making a simple switch between native DSD and DSD as PCM by unchecking the DSD check box in the Special Options tab of the Audio Setup window didn’t work
• Automatically recognizes downloaded Apple Music tracks as Protected (because only iTunes can play downloaded Apple Music tracks) and automatically switches to Streamthrough mode to play them (provided Streamthrough was installed and left at the default Automatic setting)
• Honors state of “Don’t show again” in reminder dialog to reduce volume when quitting with Streamthrough active
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